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Nominations to join the 2016-2017 AIGA Alaska Board of Directors are now open. We are 100% volunteer run, so AIGA Alaska needs you to make the cool stuff happen. To nominate yourself, write a paragraph or two indicating the position you are interested in and why you would like to be on the AIGA Alaska board of directors and email it to Nominations are due by Tuesday, April 19, 2016. Terms begin July 1.

AIGA membership and ability to attend the annual AIGA Alaska board retreat on June 18 is required to serve on the board.


The President is the primary contact between the Chapter and the national office. The President works closely with Board members, and initiates and/or decides upon significant proposals that affect the entire Chapter. The President is responsible for maintaining and communicating the Chapter charter and Chapter bylaws.

Duties include:

  • Assure that the Chapter pursues its mission consistently with its goals and objectives
  • Ensure the accountability of the Chapter and its Board of Directors
  • Participate in the monthly Presidents’ Council conference call
  • Ensure that relevant files and instructions are made available to the next President


The Vice President works directly with the President in maintaining the vision and direction of the Board of Directors. The Vice President assists the President in running Board meetings and preparing an agenda. The Vice President splits time with the President to be available to different committees, as needed.

Duties include:

  • Prepare external communications from the Board
  • Assist the Finance Director with filing Chapter annual report to AIGA National
  • Perform or supervise specific duties as requested by the President
  • Assist the President in updating Chapter bylaws, setting policies and managing operations


The Chapter Manager works with the President, Vice President, and Finance Director to guide the Board of Directors and the Chapter as a whole. The Chapter Manager is responsible for keeping all Board members up-to-date on pertinent dates and details.

Duties include:

  • Record and document Chapter business
  • Send election results and current Chapter Board list to AIGA National
  • Manage Chapter resources (Basecamp, keys, documentation, etc.)
  • Check AIGA Alaska post office box once a week, process and/or disburse mail


The Finance Director manages financial planning for the group and submits monthly budget reports at general Board meetings. The Finance Director is responsible for recruiting and maintaining chapter sponsors.

Duties include:

  • Keep financial accounts in good standing and maintaining historical spending records for events
  • Record revenue/expenses and prepare a profit and loss statement for each event
  • Manage use of the cash box at each Chapter activity or event
  • Ensure that the incoming Finance Director receives relevant financial files
  • Participate in quarterly national finance meetings
  • Manage the reimbursement of Chapter expenses as determined by AIGA National
  • Work with the Executive Board and Sponsorship Director to develop mutually beneficial sponsorship opportunities for potential Partners

DIRECTORS (2 year term)

The Sponsorship Director fosters a relationship of mutual benefit between AIGA Alaska and the local community. This usually occurs in the form of cash or in-kind donations or long-term Partnerships for Chapter events. They will work closely with the Finance Director in identifying potential Partners for Chapter events and activities. The Sponsorship Director works closely with each event committee to accomplish development goals.

Duties include:

  • Identify, contact and nurture relationships with potential Partners
  • Maintain a database of Partner contact information and promised benefits
  • Ensuring that Partners receive promised benefits including thank-you letters
  • Facilitate/oversee donation requests to help secure Partnership for specific events
  • Act as host and accommodate vendors at events

The primary duty of the Communications Director is to maintain the Chapter website, social media pages, email newsletters and related communication initiatives. The Director will work with the Communications Committee in maintaining a consistent voice and ensuring brand standards are met.

Duties include:

  • Ensure the Chapter website and social media content is accurate and up-to-date
  • Proofread Chapter materials with particular attention AIGA brand standards
  • Manage the production and distribution of Chapter-related promotional materials
  • Distribute email or social media updates about upcoming events, activities


The Membership Director aims to maintain and grow the local membership by maintaining tools and reports that assist with communicating to lapsing members and by creating and using tools that demonstrate the value of membership.

Duties include:

  • Maintain an accurate membership list by utilizing AIGA membership database and event sign-in sheets
  • Participate in the quarterly Membership Directors’ conference call
  • Develop and implement a member recruitment and retention strategy
  • Attend events, present membership materials at the door and answer membership questions
  • Send membership packets to welcome new members
  • Contact those members whose membership is about to lapse
  • Maintain an awareness of benefits and categories of membership


The Events Director is charge of planning and executing our lecture series, where we bring in nationally recognized designers to present a lecture for our membership. The Events Coordinator works closely with the Board.

Duties include:

  • Plan and implement a minimum of three lectures per year
  • Manage individual event budgets
  • Create and manage a committee as needed
  • Coordinate with the Communications Director to execute effective PR for events
  • Coordinate with Sponsorship Director and Event Chair to make sure Sponsors are happy and Chapter obligations are met
  • Submit programming summaries to AIGA National (via national website) and post event descriptions on the local events calendar and the AIGA National website.


The Education Director initiates and assists in organizing programs that are beneficial to student members and acts as a liaison with area universities, colleges and K-12 to communicate and champion their interests and needs. They are responsible for the Annual Portfolio Review and creating other events that benefit students.

Duties include:

  • Work with a committee to organize and implement the Student Portfolio Review
  • Plan and oversee other student focused events throughout the year

The Design for Good Director is responsible for developing programming which supports AIGA’s Design for Good initiative to use design thinking for social change.

Duties include:

  • Coordinate projects or events that address social causes relevant to the design community in Alaska
  • Identify and connect with entities that would benefit from using design to raise awareness or provide solutions for a cause or issue

COMMITTEE CHAIRS (one year term)


The Partner chair works with the Sponsorship Director to oversee the planning of the events that correspond with AIGA Alaska’s Partners. For example, the Partner Chair would oversee the planning of AIGA Alaska’s presence at the biennial Paper Show, hosted by WCP Solutions.


The Social Events Chair works with the Events Director to oversee the planning of ongoing social events, such as After Hours by Design.

The Lecture Series Chair works with the Events Director to organize and plan lectures from outside speakers.

The Design Competition Chair works with the Events Director to oversee the planning of the events that correspond with AIGA Alaska’s annual design competition, The BIG One. Duties include the development of competition rules, coordination of entries, working with the judges, and various tasks associated with event planning for the awards ceremony.

The Professional Development Chair will work with the Events Director to develop and manage events that focus on professional development for creative professionals. Some of these events include Crops & Bleeds (print shop tours), Adobe Workshops, Shop Talk, Lunch & Learn Series, etc.


The Membership Chair will work with the Membership Director, but will focus on the planning and coordination of the Annual Member Party, AIGA National’s membership drives (twice a year) and gathering volunteers to help with events.

The In-House Chair will work with the rest of the board to develop social and educational events related to the specific challenges of In-House creative professionals.


The Interactive Chair will work closely with the Communications Director to develop, oversee and maintain the website for AIGA Alaska

The Social Media Chair will work with the Communications Director to maintain and manage the Chapter’s presence on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn.

The PR & Marketing Chair will work with the Communications Director to provide PR and marketing for all events. Duties will include issuing press releases, coordination with members of the Programming Committee to develop advertising as needed for events, and getting event information on community calendars.


The Portfolio Review Chair will work closely with the Education and Programming Directors to coordinate AIGA Alaska’s Annual Student Portfolio Review.

The K-12 Outreach Chair will work with the Education Director to coordinate activities that focus on youth education. This position is ideal for someone who is passionate about reaching out to kids and teaching them about the opportunities for creative professionals. Some examples of this include coordinating a “career day” visit to local high schools, reaching out to high school art teachers and counselors to let them know about events that may interest young students, coordinating a mentorship program to pair students with professional/working designers, etc.

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Published April 11, 2016
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